Acceptable use policy

Last updated on : May 14th 2020

In case of divergence between the different language versions of these policies, the French version will prevail.


This acceptable use policy (hereinafter "policy") applies to all customers (hereinafter "you" or "customer") of Pixel Global Communication (hereinafter "Pixel Global Communication") or any Pixel Global Communication affiliate taking out a subscription to the services of Pixel Global Communication or its affiliates (hereinafter "services"), including a subscription offered by a third party or a commercial partner.
The customer agrees to use the services for legitimate purposes, in accordance with all applicable laws and this policy. If the customer uses the services for illegal purposes or in violation of any applicable law or of this policy, or even violates this policy, Pixel Global Communication may exercise the rights set out in the "Violation" section of the policy.

Prohibited activities include, but are not limited to:


Pixel Global Communication applies a RIGOROUS anti-spam policy. Spammers are NOT welcome. This policy prohibits spamming through open proxy servers and all other types of unsolicited email advertising. If a customer is found to be in violation of Pixel Global Communication's anti-spam policy, Pixel Global Communication reserves the right to bring a civil action in order to recover the costs generated by said violations and the investigations associated with them. Pixel Global Communication will notify law enforcement authorities if the offense is found to be a criminal offense. The customer acknowledges that he is responsible for all spamming actions carried out from his account.


It is strictly prohibited to publish adult content on your Pixel Global Communication hosting accounts. The restriction applies without limitation to texts, images and videos.


The customer is not authorized to use the services for the purpose of compromising security or modifying system resources or accounts held on local computers or on any other third-party site.

Prohibited activities include, but are not limited to:


On shared hosting accounts, it is strictly forbidden to make the resources of your account accessible (free or paid) to the general public. This rule applies without limitation to the use of an account for the purpose of providing online public services such as statistics, image hosting, free web hosting or any other similar service. At all times, all shared hosting accounts must use an acceptable level of resources, which is a maximum of 2% of total system resources.


In order to ensure optimal server performance, we must limit each account to 250,000 files / folders.


The disk space provided with a hosting plan is defined as the storage space. It is used to place content, such as web pages, images, videos, audio, databases and email accounts.
Customers may use the space for the purpose of hosting its websites only. It is forbidden to use the disk space of a Pixel Global Communication hosting plan for personal storage of data that is not part of the website, or for the massive storage of files or backup copies.


Zero downtime architecture and backup copies are included in Pixel Global Communication hosting plans. On the other hand, Pixel Global Communication could choose to host a site on a server not offering these characteristics, for sites presenting one or more of the following characteristics, without being limited to it:


Pixel Global Communication will decide on a case-by-case basis and in its sole discretion as to the appropriateness and nature of the measures that will be taken to counter any violation of this policy. In addition, any violation of this policy could also expose the client to criminal prosecution and incur civil liability. Pixel Global Communication may in particular block access to the account of the customer in question. If, in the opinion of Pixel Global Communication and in its sole discretion, there has been a violation of this policy, Pixel Global Communication is also justified in blocking access to the customer's account and data, temporarily or permanently , and to suspend or terminate the services. Pixel Global Communication is also entitled to call upon and cooperate with the police in the investigation of any party suspected of breaking the law. Pixel Global Communication and its affiliates are under no obligation to provide any warning under any circumstances, and may terminate the account of a customer who violates this policy without notice.


Pixel Global Communication reserves the right to modify this policy at any time and without notice. The client is responsible for any use of the services by himself, his employees, agents, contractors, guests and customers, whether this use is made with or without his consent. Pixel Global Communication may require a signed copy of this document.
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